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OpenAPSIS CMS – Introduction (Drew Stewart)

With the release of Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch RTM, the LightSwitch team has published many great samples including some simple end to end solutions, all showing off the incredible potential of this new Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool. One thing that I appreciate about LightSwitch is that while it does make forms over data an … Continue reading

LightSwitch is in the House …

I just revisited Visual Studio LightSwitch. As you can see I have not been very active on this here blog of mine however, I intend to do better (promise). Anyway, I just (and I don’t know why) found myself on Google, just searching away as I contemplated a project that is in the works. At … Continue reading

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch

Well it seems as though Microsoft has been busy and with the pending RTM Release of Visual Studio LightSwitch I must say that I’m intrigued. I have been a fan of the Visual Studio line from it’s inception but just what is this LightSwitch all about and what will it represent to the developer community?

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